What should be paid attention to in the environmental maintenance of the machine room of elevator maintenance knowledge

Elevators are very, very common in our lives. Elevators need constant maintenance. As we all know, many people will ignore some precautions for elevator machine room maintenance. The elevator machine room is a place where maintenance personnel often stay, so everyone should pay more attention to the environment of the machine room.

1. No entry for idlers

The computer room should be managed by maintenance and repair personnel. Other non-professionals are not allowed to enter at will. The computer room should be locked and marked with the words "The computer room is heavily located and idlers are not allowed to enter". The equipment room must ensure that there is no possibility of rain and snow intrusion, good ventilation and heat preservation, and dehumidification should be kept clean, dry, free of dust, smoke and corrosive gases. Except tools and equipment necessary for inspection and maintenance, there should be no other items. Cleaning and lubrication of elevator car guide shoes. Everyone knows that the guide shoes run on the guide rails, and there is an oil cup on the guide shoes. If the passenger elevator does not produce frictional noise during operation, the oil cup must be regularly refueled and the guide shoes must be cleaned, and the car should be cleaned. Maintenance of elevator hall doors and car doors. Elevator failures are usually on the elevator hall door and car door, so attention should be paid to the maintenance of the hall door and car door.

2. Elevator safety management

Keep the car and door sill pit clean. The elevator entrance pit needs to be cleaned regularly. Do not overload the elevator to avoid accidents. Do not let young children take the elevator alone. Instruct passengers not to jump in the car, because this may cause the elevator safety gear to malfunction and result in a lock-in incident. Do not knock the elevator buttons with hard objects, which may cause man-made damage and thus cause malfunctions. Smoking is prohibited in the car. Watch out for strangers entering and exiting the elevator, and those who have the conditions can install a car closed-circuit television monitoring system to prevent elevator crimes. Do not modify the elevator privately, if necessary, please contact a professional elevator company. Except for specially designed cargo elevators, do not use motorized forklifts to unload cargo in the elevators.

3. Precautions related to maintenance

Except for the work that the elevator car must stop at the B2, B1, and other upper floors, the daily maintenance and repair of the elevator (changing lights, repairing the buttons in the car, etc.) must be driven to the lowest floor (B3, B4) ) And then perform related operations. After the elevator is maintained, the elevator should be tested for several times to confirm that there is no abnormality before it is put into formal operation. If the elevator needs to be powered off during maintenance work in the machine room, the corresponding power switch should be carefully confirmed and then the switch should be opened to avoid emergency shutdown of the elevator caused by misoperation. For an elevator failure report, the maintenance worker should carefully check the elevator failure situation. To avoid the occurrence of unresolved elevator failures or magnification of the real problem.

 Elevators need constant maintenance. Sometimes not only passenger elevators need to be maintained, but also the elevator machine room needs frequent maintenance. The elevator environment is also very, very important. The machine room environment will affect some elevator storage problems. So everyone must be carefully and strictly checked every time they work, and the ones that should be changed must be changed in advance. Only in this way can the quality of the elevator be guaranteed.

Post time: Jun-30-2021