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Tianhongyi elevator door panels are divided into landing doors and car doors. The ones that can be seen from the outside of the elevator and are fixed on each floor are called landing doors. It is called the car door.

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Tianhongyi elevator door panels are divided into landing doors and car doors. The ones that can be seen from the outside of the elevator and are fixed on each floor are called landing doors. It is called the car door. The opening and closing of the elevator landing door is realized by the door opener installed on the car door. Each floor door is equipped with a door lock. After the landing door is closed, the mechanical lock hook of the door lock engages, and at the same time the landing door and the car door electrical interlocking contact are closed, and the elevator control circuit is connected, then the elevator can start running. The car door safety switch can ensure that the elevator cannot operate normally when the door is not safely closed in place or is not locked. The landing door is generally composed of the door, the guide rail frame, the pulley, the sliding block, the door cover, the sill and other components. We make it according to the door manufacturer, door panel width, door panel height, and material of the door panel provided by the customer. We can also make new designs according to your sketches.The main door opening methods are: center split, side split double fold, center split double fold, etc. The most common is the center split, the opening width is 700~1100mm, and the opening height is 2000~2400mm. We can provide different colors: paint, stainless steel, mirror, etching, titanium gold, rose gold, black titanium, etc. In order to make the door have a certain degree of mechanical strength and rigidity, reinforcing ribs are provided on the back of the door to ensure its strength, durability and safety. Elevator door covers are divided into small door covers and large door covers. Generally, a small door cover must be included as a factory standard. This door cover is installed to cover the gap between the elevator car and the outer wall and to beautify the elevator room. It is generally made of stainless steel. The door cover is a new type of elevator decoration door cover. It is made of various materials, not only stainless steel, but other materials with imitation stone patterns are also available; including zinc-steel integrated door cover, nano-stone plastic door cover and so on. On the one hand, it can play a role in decorating the elevator, and on the other hand, it can make up for the problems left in the civil construction process; for example, if the distance between the wall and the small elevator door frame is large, it needs to be decorated with a door cover.

Conditions of use 

1. Impact resistance: The elevator car door is required to be within the range of 5cm*5cm in "GB7588-2003", with a static force of 300N and an impact force of 1000N (approximately equal to the force that a normal adult can exert, so it is used as an elevator The door cover should have the same degree of impact resistance to prevent damage and accidents caused by heavy objects, electric vehicles, bicycles, etc. when entering or exiting the elevator).

2. Waterproof and flame retardant: The elevator is a special equipment. The elevator is not allowed to be used in the event of a fire. However, as an important part of the staircase hall, the elevator door cover must meet the corresponding flame retardant requirements (V0 or above) to improve the overall Fire protection level; for the same reason, if it encounters a humid environment or is blistered, it must be soaked in water for 24 hours without deformation or cracking, so as to enhance the safety of the overall environment.

3. Safety: As a crowded place in and out of public places, safety is the top priority. The elevator door cover must be able to rupture and damage after being hit by destructive force without safety hazards, and even never fall off so as not to endanger or damage life and property.

4. Service life: As a public facility, there are many people/goods entering and exiting the elevator every day, which will cause great damage and friction to the elevator door cover. The material of the elevator door cover needs to meet higher standards to increase its service life. The service life of the elevator is not less than 16 years. As a component of the door cover, it should be used as long as the elevator.

5. Environmental protection: The area of elevator door covers is small, but the number is huge. In modern society where environmental protection is the theme, we must call for the multi-faceted application of environmentally friendly materials. Contribute to the great rivers and mountains of the motherland and the green world.

6. Simple process: Due to the increasing labor cost, a variety of quick-assembled buildings, furniture and elevator door covers have been shipped, which not only saves man-hours and labor costs, but also reduces processes accordingly, so as to achieve high-efficiency and energy-saving work efficiency. Adapt to the requirements of modern society.

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