Return Governor For Passenger Elevator With Machine Room THY-OX-240B

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Cover Norm(Rated speed): ≤0.63 m/s; 1.0m/s; 1.5-1.6m/s; 1.75m/s; 2.0m/s; 2.5m/s

sheave diameter: Φ240 mm

Wire rope diameter: standard Φ8 mm, optional Φ6 mm

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Cover Norm(Rated speed)  ≤0.63 m/s; 1.0m/s; 1.5-1.6m/s; 1.75m/s; 2.0m/s; 2.5m/s
sheave diameter  Φ240 mm
Wire rope diameter  standard Φ8 mm, optional Φ6 mm
Pulling force ≥500N
Tension device standard OX-300 optional OX-200
Work location  Car side or counterweight side
Upward control  permanent-magnet synchronous traction machine brake, counterweight safety gear, Wire rope brake(machine)
Downward control  safety gear

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Product Description

THY-OX-240B is a two-way speed limiter, which complies with TSG T7007-2016, GB7588-2003+XG1-2015, EN 81-1:1998+A3:2009 regulations, and meets the requirements of passenger and freight elevators with a rated speed of ≤2.5m/s , It can be matched with one-way and two-way safety gears, with the functions of triggering the wire rope brake, overspeed checking electrical safety device, resetting and checking the electrical safety device and triggering the drive host brake. The two-way speed governor can jam the speed governor wire rope in both up and down directions. , Triggering the action of the safety gear and playing the role of elevator safety protection. The speed limiter is one of the most important devices in the safe operation of elevators. It monitors and controls the speed of the car at any time. We will debug and verify each speed limiter before leaving the factory, and make inspection records. The diameter of the wire rope can be φ6 or φ8, and it can be used with THY-OX-300 or THY-OX-200 tensioning device, which is suitable for ordinary indoor working environment.

Environmental Requirements

In order to ensure the reliable realization of effective braking such as safety gear or upward protection device when the speed limiter is over-speeding, the peripheral conditions must meet the product requirements:

1. Speed limiter wire rope: in line with the national standard GB8903-2005 "Steel Rope for Elevators", the speed-limiting wire rope specifications selected by the standard are: φ8-8×19S+FC or φ6-8×19S+FC (the specific nominal diameter is based on the speed limit Rope pulley matching);

2. Tensioning device: when equipped with OX-300 tensioning device, the configuration weight is 18kg, and the recommended lifting height is ≥50 meters, and its counterweight quality is recommended to be ≥30kg; when the OX-200 tensioning device is selected, the configuration weight is 12kg, and the lifting height is recommended. ≥50m, it is recommended that the weight of its counterweight is ≥16kg (the above-mentioned optional quality needs to be determined according to the actual status of the elevator);

3. Linkage cable: It is recommended to use a length of ≤7.5m/piece, and the radius of the arc for the angle or bending of the cable should be ≥350mm;

4. The installation foundation is strong and firm, and the foundation surface is level and level.

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