One-way Governor For Passenger Elevator With Machine Roomless THY-OX-208

Short Description:

Sheave Diameter: Φ200 mm

Wire Rope Diameter: standard Φ6 mm

Pulling Force: ≥500N

Tension Device: standard OX-200 optional OX-300

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Product Parameters

Cover Norm(Rated speed) ≤0.63 m/s; 1.0m/s; 1.5-1.6m/s; 1.75m/s
sheave diameter Φ200 mm
Wire rope diameter standard Φ6 mm
Pulling force ≥500N
Tension device standard OX-200 optional OX-300
Power supply voltage standard AC220V,optional DC24V;
Work location Car side or counterweight side
Upward control permanent-magnet synchronous traction machine brake, counterweight safety gear
Downward control safety gear
Remote control operation and electrical switch reset can be tested electrically;mechanical mechanism can reset automatically.

Product Description

THY-OX-208 one-way Overspeed Governor complies with TSG T7007-2016, GB7588-2003+XG1-2015, EN 81-20:2014 and EN 81-50:2014 regulations, and meets the requirements of the rated speed ≤1.75m/s for guests without a guest Ladder, using centrifugal throwing block structure, remote solenoid control, with electrical control test action and electrical switch reset, mechanical mechanism can be reset automatically, overspeed check electrical safety device, reset check electrical safety device and trigger the drive host brake Function. The diameter of the steel wire rope is equipped with φ6 as standard, and it is used with the tensioning device THY-OX-300 or THY-OX-200, which is suitable for ordinary indoor working environment.

When installing the speed limiter, pay attention to the reasonable arrangement and connection of related accessories. Only reasonable arrangement and matching can effectively realize safety protection. The specific steps to adjust the requirements are as follows:

1. Adjust the installation foundation, determine the position of the speed limiter, and pre-tighten the fixing bolts;

2. Install supporting parts according to the layout requirements, such as speed limiter wire rope, tensioning device, wire rope connector, etc.;

3. Adjust the position of the speed limiter and the tension device to ensure that the supporting parts such as the speed limiter meet the acceptance requirements;

4. After completion, lock the position of the speed limiter, check and adjust the pawl and electrical switch of the speed limiter to be in normal state, and then run the elevator at a slow speed, check the running state of the speed limiter, and require no abnormal noise, smooth rotation and no shaking.

Before installing and putting into use, please pay attention to check to determine the following status:

1. The pitch circle diameter of the overspeed governor and the position of the tensioner sheave must be consistent up and down, and the direction of the overspeed governor is consistent with the up and down direction of the elevator car;

2. After the speed limiter wire rope is installed, the brake shoe should not be rubbed when it is rotating in normal state. The center of the brake shoe should be consistent with the center of the wire rope and be parallel.

3. When the speed limiter wire rope uses grease type wire rope, the speed limit tension will be smaller than the parameter value on the nameplate, so pay attention to it when using it;

4.When the guide rail is used for fixing, the fixed installation position is less than or equal to 200mm from the guide rail support or between two guide rail supports.

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