One-way Governor For Passenger Elevator With Machine Room THY-OX-240

Short Description:

Sheave Diameter: Φ240 mm

Wire Rope Diameter: standard Φ8 mm, optional Φ6 m

Pulling Force: ≥500N

Tension Device: standard OX-300 optional OX-200

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Product Parameters

Cover Norm(Rated speed)  ≤0.63 m/s; 1.0m/s; 1.5-1.6m/s; 1.75m/s; 2.0m/s; 2.5m/s
sheave diameter  Φ240 mm
Wire rope diameter  standard Φ8 mm, optional Φ6 mm
Pulling force ≥500N
Tension device standard OX-300 optional OX-200
Work location  Car side or counterweight side
Upward control  permanent-magnet synchronous traction machine brake, counterweight safety gear
Downward control  safety gear

Product Description

The speed limiter is one of the safety control components in the elevator safety protection system. When the elevator is in operation for any reason, the car overspeeds, or even the danger of falling or overshooting, the speed limiter and safety gear or upward protection The device generates linkage protection to stop the movement of the elevator car or reach the state required by the acceptance standard.

THY-OX-240 belongs to the one-way series speed limiter, which complies with TSG T7007-2016, GB7588-2003+XG1-2015, EN 81-20:2014 and EN 81-50:2014 regulations, and meets the rated speed ≤2.5m/s The following small machine room passenger elevators adopt a centrifugal throwing block type structure, which has the functions of overspeed checking electrical safety devices, resetting electrical safety devices and triggering and driving the main engine brake. At the same time, the series of speed limiters have high action sensitivity and discrete action speeds. It has the advantages of low performance, good working stability, low noise, adjustable lifting force, and less damage to the wire rope by the brake. When the elevator has an overspeed condition, that is, 115% of the rated speed of the elevator, the throwing block triggers the overspeed safety switch, and then generates a mechanical action to cut off the power supply circuit and brake the traction machine. If the elevator still cannot be braked, the steel wire rope pulls the car safety gear or the counterweight side safety gear operates to cause the safety gear to generate friction on the guide rail, and quickly brake the car on the guide rail, which plays a role of elevator safety protection. The diameter of the steel wire rope can be selected from φ6, φ6.3, φ8, and it is used with the tensioning device THY-OX-300 or THY-OX-200, which is suitable for ordinary indoor working environment.

Matters needing attention during the installation of the speed limiter:

1. Do not arbitrarily adjust the paint sealing point or lead sealing point of the product. If necessary, the adjustment must be carried out under the guidance of a professional;

2. The product direction identification must meet the requirements of the elevator's up and down status, and avoid direct hitting or forcibly pushing the speed limiter when adjusting and fixing;

3. Check whether the speed governor wire rope matches the elevator speed governor, and confirm that it has no defects such as broken strands or extrusion deformation;

4. When hanging or pulling the wire rope, pay attention to avoid friction with hard objects, and avoid twisting or knotting the wire rope;

5. After calculating the length, when cutting the wire rope, it is necessary to prevent the rope end from spreading out and affecting the subsequent use, and at the same time, it is necessary to reserve the necessary adjustment margin.

Our Advantages

1. Fast Delivery

2. The transaction is just the beginning, the service never ends

3. Type: Overspeed Governor THY-OX-240

4. We can provide safety components such as Aodepu, Dongfang, Huning, etc.

5. Trust is happiness! I will never fail your trust!


How are your products made up? What are the specific materials?

The main components of the elevator are: traction system, guide system, cabin system, door system, safety system, electric system and hoistway components. The cabin structure is arranged according to the hoistway, usually made of 304 stainless steel with a thickness of 1.2mm.Different material thicknesses can also be customized according to user needs. There are ribs and sound insulation cotton on the back of the car wall. The styles have hairline, mirror, etching, titanium, rose gold and other flower patterns for selection.

What kind of safety does your product need to have?

Our product design, manufacturing and quality requirements must comply with GB7588-2003 "Safety Code for the Manufacturing and Installation of Elevators",GB16899-2011 "Safety Code for the Manufacturing and Installation of Escalators and Moving Walks" and meet the relevant standards of the product and meet the user's elevator design requirements, and can provide effective type test reports. If the country modifies the national standard and has already implemented it, the products we provide must also meet the revised standard.

What is your company's procurement system?

Elevators belong to the special equipment industry. The development and management of suppliers is the core of the entire procurement system, and its performance is also related to the performance of the entire procurement department. The basic principle of supplier development is the "Q.C.D.S" principle, which is the principle of equal emphasis on quality, cost, delivery and service. The contents of our supplier development include: supply market competition analysis, search for qualified suppliers, evaluation of potential suppliers, inquiry and quotation, negotiation of contract terms, and final supplier selection.


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