Double Moving Wedge Progressive Safety Gear THY-OX-18

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Rated speed:≤2.5m/s
Total permit system quality: 1000-4000kg
Matching guide rail: ≤16mm(guide rail width)
Structure form: U-type plate spring, double moving wedge

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THY-OX-188 progressive safety gear complies with TSG T7007-2016, GB7588-2003+XG1-2015, EN 81-20:2014 and EN 81-50:2014 regulations, and is one of the elevator safety protection devices. It meets the requirements of elevators with rated speeds ≤2.5m/s. It adopts the structure of U-shaped spring double lifting and double movable wedge. The double lifting linkage rod is equipped with M10 as standard, and M8 is optional. Install on the car side or counterweight side. The lifting device drives the movable wedge to move upward along the inclined surface of the slider, the friction between the movable wedge and the guide rail is increased, and the gap between the guide rail and the movable wedge is eliminated and the movable wedge continues to move upward. When the limit screw on the movable wedge is in contact with the upper plane of the clamp body, the movable wedge stops running, the two wedges clamp the guide rail, and rely on the deformation of the U-shaped spring to absorb the energy of the car, making the elevator car overspeed Stop on the guide rail to stay still. Effectively reduce the friction between the connecting rod shaft and the brake lever, prevent the surface of the connecting rod shaft from being worn and damaged, increase the service life of the connecting rod shaft and extend the period of disassembly and repair of the connecting rod shaft. The bearing is locked by the fixed protrusion and the card slot. The fitting is fixed inside the groove, which is convenient for the bearing to be installed and fixed inside the U-shaped block, and it is convenient for the bearing to be disassembled and replaced later. The fixing hole of the safety gear seat bottom plate can be determined according to the matching situation of the connecting hole position of the lower beam of the car (see the attached table). This product is easy to install and adjust, and the braking is flexible and reliable. After braking, the double movable wedge has little effect on the car guide rail. It can be used as a replacement product for the current domestic and foreign elevator safety components, and can also be used for renovation projects. The width of the guide surface of the matching guide rail is ≤16mm, the hardness of the guide surface is less than 140HBW, the material of Q235 guide rail, the maximum allowable mass of P+Q is 4000KG. Suitable for ordinary indoor working environment.

Product Parameters

Rated speed:≤2.5m/s
Total permit system quality: 1000-4000kg
Matching guide rail: ≤16mm(guide rail width)
Structure form: U-type plate spring, double moving wedge
Pulling form: double pulling(standard M10, optional M8)
Installation position: car side, counterweight side

Product parameter diagram


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