Swing Rod Tension Device THY-OX-200

Short Description:

Sheave Diameter: Φ200 mm;Φ240 mm

Wire Rope Diameter: Φ6 mm;Φ8 mm

Weight Type: Barite(High density of ore)、cast iron

Installation Position: elevator pit guide rail side

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Product Description

The THY-OX-200 tensioning device is composed of a tensioning wheel and a counterweight. It is installed on the side of the elevator pit guide rail. It is used with a speed limiter to compress the speed limiter wire rope so that it is in the rope groove of the speed limiter. Sufficient friction. The wire rope of the tensioner winds around the speed limiter and is connected with the safety gear link arm to form the speed limiter-safety gear protection device, which plays a role of speed limit protection. Swing rod type structure is adopted, and the installation height is not less than 450mm from the ground. The tension block is divided into high-density ore and cast iron. The appropriate tensioner size and counterweight material are selected according to the lifting height of the elevator. If the lifting height exceeds 50 meters, the weight of the counterweight must be increased. The diameter of the wire rope can be φ6 and φ8, and the tension pulley can be φ200 or φ240 mm, which is suitable for ordinary indoor working environment.

Product Parameters

Sheave Diameter Φ200 mm;Φ240 mm
Wire Rope Diameter Φ6 mm;Φ8 mm
Weight Type Barite(High density of ore)、cast iron
Installation Position elevator pit guide rail side
Upward Control swing rod

Product parameter diagram


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