Design Fashionable COP&LOP According To Different Floors

Short Description:

1. COP/LOP size can be made as per customers’ requirements.

2. COP/LOP faceplate material: hairline S.S, mirror, titanium mirror, galss etc.

3. Display board for LOP: dot matrix, LCD etc.

4. COP/LOP push button: square shape, round shape etc;Light colors can be used according to customer requirements.

5. Wall-hanging type COP (COP without box) can also be made by us.

6. Rang of application:Applied to all kinds of elevator, passenger elevator, goods elevator, home elevator, etc

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Product Description

The elevator cop is located in the car, and the lop is located in the waiting hall. Use buttons to control the car to run, and to control the car to run only in the waiting hall is called lop. The panel design of the control box is divided into convex type, horizontal type and integrated type, and the size of the button text is increased to improve the operability. The size of the cop box varies according to different floors.

The elevator control box has the following functions

1. The purpose of display is to facilitate the occupants to understand the position of the car.

2. The five-party intercom control box has a five-party intercom inside the car, which is convenient for establishing contact with the outside of the car.

3. Alarm button When an elevator malfunctions and traps people, press the alarm button to call people outside the elevator to detect that someone is trapped.

4. Intercom button Press the intercom button to call personnel in the duty room, computer room, etc., to make a conversation.

5. Floor call button It is used for the purpose of floor selection.

6. Open the door button to control the action of opening the door.

7. Door-close button Control the door-closing action.

8. IC card control The IC card floor station control can be carried out.

9. Overhaul box The overhaul box is a device for elevator maintenance operation or a device for opening special functions, usually with a lock device. Prevent passengers from operating privately.

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