Elevator Gearless Traction Machine THY-TM-SC

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Suspension: 2:1
PZ300B Brake:DC110V 1.6A
PZ300C Brake:DC110V 1.9A
Max.Static Load:1600kg

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THY-TM-SC gearless traction machine is equipped with PZ300B brake. When the traction sheave is configured with Φ320, the brake is PZ300C. The brakes all have the CE certificate recognized by the European Union. Based on the safety assessment of the quality assurance system, it meets the basic requirements of the LIFT directive and the harmonized standard EN 81-1 in the design, production, inspection and testing links. This type of traction machine can be used for elevators with a load capacity of 320KG~450KG and a rated speed of 1.0~1.75m/s. The recommended elevator height is ≤80m. The diameter of the traction wheel can be selected according to user needs. The length of the machine body changes with the diameter of the traction wheel. When equipped with a machine room-less elevator, it includes a remote brake release device and a 4m brake release cable. Before the traction machine is installed, use a 500 volt megohmmeter to measure the insulation resistance of the motor winding and the brake solenoid coil. The insulation resistance value should not be less than 3 megohms, otherwise it should be dried; it must be under the environmental conditions that the altitude does not exceed 1000m At the same time, the ambient air should not contain corrosive and flammable gases; the permanent magnet synchronous elevator traction machine must be powered by a dedicated permanent magnet synchronous motor inverter, and cannot be directly connected to the three-phase power system, and it must work in a closed loop Control method, therefore, the gearless traction machine must be equipped with a rotor position feedback measuring device (encoder). The encoder required for different inverters is different. Customers can choose according to their own control system. The standard configuration It is HEIDENHAIN ERN1387 encoder, and it also provides various types of shielded cables for encoders. Customers can choose their own permanent magnet synchronous elevator traction machine according to the load capacity, speed and product series they need, as well as the parameters recommended by the company.

Machine adjustment

The method of adjusting the opening gap of the brake PZ300B/PZ300C:

Tools: open-end wrench (16mm), Phillips screwdriver, feeler gauge

Detection: When the elevator is in the parking state, use a Phillips screwdriver to unscrew the screw M4x16 and nut M4, and remove the dust retaining ring on the brake. Use a feeler gauge to detect the gap between the moving and stationary plates (10°~20° from the corresponding position of the 4 M10 bolts). When the gap exceeds 0.35mm, it needs to be adjusted.



1. Use an open-end wrench (16mm) to loosen the M10 bolt for about one week.

2. Slowly adjust the spacer with an open-end wrench (16mm). If the gap is too large, adjust the spacer counterclockwise, otherwise, adjust the spacer clockwise.

3. Use an open-end wrench (16mm) to tighten the M10 bolts.

4. Use a feeler gauge again to check the gap between the moving and static disks to ensure that it is between 0.2mm and 0.3mm.

5. Use the same method to adjust the gaps of the other 3 points.

6. Install the brake dust-proof retaining ring and fasten it with the screw M4X6 together with the nut M4.


Product parameter diagram


Suspension: 2:1
PZ300B Brake:DC110V 1.6A
PZ300C Brake:DC110V 1.9A
Max.Static Load:1600kg


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