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The car is the part of the car body used by the elevator to carry passengers or goods and other loads. The car bottom frame is welded by steel plates, channel steels and angle steels of the specified model and size. In order to prevent the car body from vibrating, a frame type bottom beam is often used.

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The car is the part of the car body used by the elevator to carry passengers or goods and other loads. The car bottom frame is welded by steel plates, channel steels and angle steels of the specified model and size. In order to prevent the car body from vibrating, a frame type bottom beam is often used. Between the bottom frame and the car bottom, 6 to 8 elevator rubber blocks and Cushion. The car door sill and toe guard shall be provided at the front of the car bottom, and the width of the toe guard shall not be less than the opening width of the elevator door. In order to make the elevator beautiful, PVC floor or marble pattern board is often laid on the steel plate of the car bottom. The car wall is made of carbon steel plates or stainless steel plates and then spliced together, each with a special shape of reinforcement ribs in the middle, the purpose is to increase the strength of the car wall. The car wall and the car top and the car bottom are generally connected and fastened by 8.8 high-strength bolts. The strength of the car roof is similar to the strength of the car wall, can bear a certain load, and is equipped with protective fences. Install ceilings, fans, etc. on the top of the car.

Our Advantages

1. Fast Delivery

2. We have always pursued good quality to serve every customer well

3. Type: Passenger lift THY

4. 304 stainless steel, equipped with handrails

5. Different styles are available for you to choose from, with novel and unique styles and different colors.

6. We can also customize according to your requirements.


1. The installation process of the car:
Start → lower beam → straight beam → upper beam → car bottom → pull rod → car wall → car top → door machine → car door

2. How to install the car:
(1)Level the supporting beams fixed on the wall and the doorway of the floor, and then place the lower beam on the supporting beam, adjust its level deviation not to exceed 2/1000, and make the distance between the end faces of the guide rails at both ends and the safety gear seat consistent, and then stabilize . For elevators with a running speed of 1m/s or more, a progressive safety gear should be put on, and the gap between the safety gear wedge and the side of the track should be basically adjusted to the same. The gap between the wedge and the side of the guide rail is generally 2.3 ~ 2.5 mm;
(2)Connect the straight beam and the lower beam, and then place a wire hammer as a reference, adjust the verticality of the straight beam and the cross beam, so that the vertical deviation of the straight beam over the entire height is not more than 1.5 mm, and there is no distortion;
(3)The upper beam is hoisted to connect with the straight beam, and the levelness is adjusted with a spirit level. The level deviation of the upper beam should not be more than 2/1000. After the levelness of the upper beam is adjusted, the verticality of the straight beam should be rechecked;
(4)Install the upper and lower guide shoes of the car, and fill the gap between the guide rail and the guide shoes with plugs to fix the car frame;
(5)Lay the car bottom flat on the lower beam, adjust its position to make it even, then install the car diagonal pull rod, adjust the pull rod nut, so that the level deviation of the bottom plate is not more than 2/1000. After reaching the requirements, tighten the nut. For the gap between the car bottom and the lower beam, apply corresponding plugs to cushion it, and then tighten the nuts;
(6)When assembling the car wall, the order of assembling the car wall is to join the rear wall first, then the side walls, and finally the front wall. The installation of the car wall should meet the specifications, the plumbness deviation should not be greater than 1/1000, and the flatness deviation should be less than 1mm. In addition to the front and rear, left and right dimensions, it should be noted that the car wall and the car wall cannot be missing when assembling. Fix bolts to reduce the noise caused by improper fastening between the car walls during elevator operation, which affects the comfort and safety of elevator users.


 How could I trust you?

 We have exported to many countries, such as Southeast Asia, Mid-east, Jordan, Malaysia, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Iran, South Asia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Africa, Kenya, Nigeria etc.our all customers are satisfied with our product quality and services.

What the parameters should I need to provide before asking price for an elevator?

A) .What is the loading capacity of your elevator?  ( 6 persons for 450kg,8 persons for 630kg, 10 persons for 800kg etc..) B).How many floors/stops/landing door? C).What's the shaft size?(width and depth) D).Is there a machine room or without machine room? E).The step width, height and angle for escalator.

How about your payment term & trade term?

 T/T or Irrevocable L/C at sight etc. EXW/FOB/ CFR/ CIF/CIP/CPT is workable with the help of our reliable forwarder. If you have your own forwarder, you can handle the shipment by yourself.

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Elevator Cabin THY-CB-01


Elevator Cabin THY-CB-15


Elevator Cabin THY-CB-982


Elevator Cabin THY-CB-18


Elevator Cabin THY-CB-19


Elevator Cabin THY-CB-22


Elevator Cabin THY-CB-17


Elevator Cabin THY-CB-25


Optional Accessories

1. Ceiling:
Stainless steel mirror hollow and white organic board, supplemented by soft lighting design.
2. cabin wall:
Hairline,Mirror,Etching,Titanium gold,Concave gold, Rose gold.
3. Handrail:
Flat handrail.
4. Floor:


Elevator Ceiling(Optional)


Elevator Handrail(Optional)


Elevator Floor(Optional)

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