Gearless Traction Machine For Home Elevator THY-TM-450

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Voltage:380V or 220V
Suspension: 2:1
PZ300B Brake:DC110V 1.6A
Max.Static Load:1300kg

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THY-TM-450 villa elevator traction machine is equipped with PZ300B brake, which has the CE certificate recognized by the European Union. Based on the safety assessment of the quality assurance system, it meets the basic requirements of the LIFT directive and the harmonized standard EN 81-1 in the design, production, inspection and testing links. This type of traction machine can be used for elevators with a load capacity of 320KG~450KG and a rated speed of 0.4m/s. This model can be equipped with a remote brake release device and a 4m brake release cable. The main models of HEIDENHAIN encoders for 450 series permanent magnet synchronous traction machines are: ERN1387/487/1326, ECN1313/487.

1. Check the brake release stroke:


When the elevator is stopped, check the brake release stroke (A≥7mm). As shown in the figure above, the handle can automatically return after releasing the finger. If there is no brake release stroke, the brake gap needs to be adjusted.

For the brake with remote brake release line structure in the machine room, in addition to the above inspection, it is also necessary to check whether the brake release line is jammed. Under the condition of ensuring the safety of the elevator, check whether the brake can be opened and closed by opening and resetting the remote brake. Once there is jamming or slow recovery, the remote brake release line must be replaced.

2. Brake gap detection and adjustment:

Tools required for brake clearance adjustment: open-end wrench (16mm), torque wrench, feeler gauge, Phillips screwdriver, open-end wrench (7mm).

Brake gap detection and adjustment method:

1. Use a Phillips screwdriver and open-end wrench (7mm) to remove the dust-proof sheet;

2. Use a feeler gauge to detect the gap between the brake's moving and static iron cores. When the gap "A" is greater than 0.35mm, the gap needs to be adjusted; (Note: the measurement position is at the bolt attachment, that is, the gap between 4 points needs to be measured)

3. Use an open-end wrench (16mm) to loosen the bolt (M10x90) for about one week;

4. Use an open-end wrench (16mm) to adjust the spacer slowly. If the gap is too large, adjust the spacer counterclockwise, otherwise, adjust the spacer clockwise;

5. Then tighten the bolt (M10x90) with a wrench, check and confirm that the brake gap is 0.2-0.3mm, if it does not meet the requirements, continue with the above steps to adjust;

6. Use the same method to adjust the gap of the other 3 points;

7. After adjustment, install the dust-proof sheet and tighten it with a Phillips screwdriver and open-end wrench (7mm).


Product parameter diagram


Voltage:380V or 220V
Suspension: 2:1
PZ300B Brake:DC110V 1.6A
Max.Static Load:1300kg


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