Permanent Magnet Synchronous Gearless Traction Machine THY-TM-200

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Roping: 1:1/2:1

Brake:DC110V 2.5A


Max.Static Load:2500kg

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Voltage 220V/380V
Roping 1:1/2:1
Brake DC110V 2.5A
Weight 210kg
Max.Static Load 2500kg

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1.Fast Delivery

2.The transaction is just the beginning, the service never ends

3.Type:Traction Machine THY-TM-200

4.We can provide synchronous and asynchronous traction machines of TORINDRIVE, MONADRIVE, MONTANARI, FAXI, SYLG and other brands.

5.Trust is happiness! I will never fail your trust!

The design and production of THY-TM-200 permanent magnet synchronous gearless elevator traction machine comply with "GB7588-2003-Safety Code for Elevator Manufacturing and Installation", "EN81-1: 1998-Safety Rules for Elevator Construction and Installation", "GB/ The relevant regulations in T24478-2009-Elevator Traction Machine. The traction machine has an inner rotor structure, and the braking system is a disc brake structure. The traction wheel and the brake are coaxially fixedly connected and directly installed on the shaft extension end of the motor. Suitable for machine-roomless elevators. The traction ratio is 1:1 and 2:1, the rated load is 320KG~630KG, the rated speed is 0.4~1.5m/s, and the traction sheave diameter can be 200mm, 240mm and 320mm. The voltage value of the brake represents the starting and maintaining voltage. The traction machine must be powered by a dedicated inverter and must work in a closed-loop control mode, so a position feedback device (encoder) must be installed.

The working principle of the traction machine: the motor outputs torque from the traction sheave at the end of the shaft extension, and drives the elevator car to run through the friction between the traction sheave and the wire rope. When the elevator stops running, it is braked by the normally closed brake through the brake shoe, so as to keep the car still in the state of power failure of the traction machine.

Encoder wiring

•The control methods of different inverters are not the same, and the feedback signal of the encoder is required to be different. The company has a corresponding type of encoder for customers to choose.




Power supply



2048 P/R




8192 P/R



• The detailed parameters and wiring definitions of the encoder can be found in the encoder manual.

• The lead-out wire at the end of the encoder is connected to the outlet box, and the outlet method is aviation plug.

•In order to facilitate the customer's wiring, our company provides 7m encoder extension shielded cable.

• The style of the encoder extension cable connected to the inverter side can be customized according to customer requirements.

• The shielded wire of the encoder must be grounded reliably at one end.



What is your company's product qualification rate? How is it achieved?

The pass rate of our products has reached 99%. We take photos for inspection of each product. The cabin must be assembled before leaving the factory, and every production process and quality must be strictly checked. At the same time, suppliers are strictly required to be responsible for the quality of their products and establish a complete System and quality standards, do a good job of inspection, testing and verification, strengthen communication with various departments, and improve work quality and efficiency. Products can only be put into warehouses after they meet relevant requirements.

Do your products have a minimum order quantity? If so, what is the minimum order quantity?

There is no minimum order quantity for our products. The elevator cabin, door panel and counterweight are all customizable, including raw materials, size, thickness and color. If some products must be customized, we will set the minimum order quantity according to the actual situation. At the same time, in order to minimize the price and maximize the benefits of transportation, we will recommend that customers adopt bulk ordering methods in order to achieve the goal of win-win cooperation.

How long does your company's normal product lead time take?

The delivery time of the complete elevator is 20 working days, and the cabin is normal 15 working days. We will arrange delivery as soon as possible for other parts according to the specifications, quantity and delivery method of the specific order. For details, please contact us before ordering.

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