Permanent Magnet Synchronous Gearless Traction Machine THY-TM-200A

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Roping: 2:1

Brake:DC110V 2.5A


Max.Static Load:2500kg

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Voltage 220V/380V
Roping 2:1
Brake DC110V 2.5A
Weight 160kg
Max.Static Load 2500kg

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3.Type:Traction Machine THY-TM-200A

4.We can provide synchronous and asynchronous traction machines of TORINDRIVE, MONADRIVE, MONTANARI, FAXI, SYLG and other brands.

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The design and production of THY-TM-200A permanent magnet synchronous gearless elevator traction machine comply with "GB7588-2003-Safety Code for Elevator Manufacturing and Installation", "EN81-1: 1998-Safety Rules for Elevator Construction and Installation", "GB/ The relevant regulations in T24478-2009-Elevator Traction Machine. It is suitable for machine roomless elevators with a traction ratio of 2:1, a rated load of 320KG~450KG, a rated speed of 0.4~1.0m/s, and the diameter of the traction sheave can be 200mm and 240mm. The rated voltage of the brake coil is DC110V. Each brake is equipped with a micro switch, and the micro switch has two pairs of normally open/normally closed contacts for wiring. The standard configuration is normally closed, that is, when the micro switch contact is closed, it indicates that the side brake is also closed. The biggest difference between 200A and 200 series traction machines is that the traction sheaves are installed in different ways, and they are both suitable for indoor working environments.

Manual release is divided into two types: machine room and machine-less. The machine room elevator traction machine provides manual brake release and turning device; the machine-less room elevator traction machine provides remote manual brake release device. The mechanical manual brake release device is only used in the case of elevator failure and power outage rescue. Please place the manual brake in a place that is not easy to reach by ordinary people. It is strictly forbidden to use it in non-emergency situations.

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