Permanent Magnet Synchronous Gearless Traction Machine THY-TM-K200

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Roping: 2:1/4:1

Brake:DC110V 2×1.3A


Max.Static Load:4000kg

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Voltage 380V
Roping 2:1/4:1
Brake DC110V 2×1.3A
Weight 350kg
Max.Static Load 4000kg

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3.Type:Traction Machine THY-TM-K200

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The design and production of THY-TM-K200 permanent magnet synchronous gearless elevator traction machine comply with "GB7588-2003-Safety Code for Elevator Manufacturing and Installation", "EN81-1: 1998-Safety Rules for Elevator Construction and Installation", "GB/ The relevant regulations in T24478-2009-Elevator Traction Machine. The traction machine is composed of a permanent magnet synchronous motor, a traction wheel and a braking system. Using high-performance permanent magnet materials and a special motor structure, it has the characteristics of low speed and large torque. The K series has an outer rotor structure, and the brake system is a block brake structure. The traction wheel and the brake wheel are coaxially fixedly connected and directly installed on the shaft extension end of the motor. The brake is equipped with a micro switch to monitor the braking situation. When the brake is opened, the normally open contact of the micro switch is closed. It is suitable for elevator with machine room and elevator without machine room. The traction ratio is 2:1 and 4:1, the rated load is 630KG~1150KG, the rated speed is 0.5~2.5m/s, and the traction sheave diameter can be 400mm and 450mm. Each traction machine passes strict quality inspection before leaving the factory to ensure the quality and performance of the product.

1. Traction machine installation

•Before installing the traction machine, you must ensure the strength of the installation frame and foundation.

• When hoisting the traction machine, please use the hoisting ring or hole on the traction machine body.

• When lifting, be sure to lift vertically, and the angle between the two hooks must be less than 90°.

• The installation plane of the traction machine must be level, and there must be corresponding vibration reduction measures.

• The steel wire rope hung and the corresponding load should pass through the center plane of the traction sheave vertically.

• Ensure that the surface of the frame where the traction machine is installed is flat and the maximum allowable deviation is 0.1mm.

•The hand wheel of the machine room is at the bottom left of the back of the main unit. Please pay attention to the interference of the frame.

• The size of the bolts for fixing the traction machine is equipped with foot holes, and the bolts with strength of 8.8 are used.

•Usually the traction machine is equipped with an anti-jumping rod and a protective cover, please reset it after installing the wire rope.


2. Traction machine debugging

• The commissioning of the traction machine must be performed by professional and trained technicians.

• The traction machine may vibrate during debugging. Please fix the traction machine reliably before debugging.

• In order to make the traction machine run smoothly, please set the inverter according to the data on the nameplate and perform self-learning.

• If the self-learning function is used, the wire rope must be disconnected and the brake is energized and works normally.

•Encoder origin self-learning at least three times, and the deviation of the self-learning angle value should be within 5 degrees.

3. Traction machine running

• Please run forward and reverse rotation at low speed (inspection speed) first to confirm whether the system is working normally.

• Please run at a variable speed for a certain period of time while monitoring whether the operating current is within a reasonable range.

• When running at the rated elevator speed, the car comfort adjustment can be set according to the corresponding parameters of the inverter.

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